Apr 28, 2021

Organic Vs “Organic Extracts”

Organic Vs “Organic Extracts”

Understanding what “100% ORGANIC” really means will help you make an informed choice in purchasing the right product for you and your family.



100% Organic products are manufactured and processed using only organic methods and organic ingredients (i.e., ingredients grown and processed without chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, GMOs, or synthetic pesticides.)



“Organic” products are produced using only organic methods and contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.



“Made with organic ingredients” products may contain anywhere between 70% and 95% organic ingredients. The remaining non-organic ingredients can contain substances that would not otherwise be allowed in 100% organic products.



Natural products contain ingredients that come from natural sources, however, are not necessarily organically produced. They may contain preservatives and chemicals like many other products, however, their main ingredients may be plant-based and therefore marketed as 'natural'.

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