My love for dogs is unconditional. The Bully Tribe was born to cater for the needs of a very special boy named Axxo.

Axxo is a two year old staffy, with a heart bigger than his head who suffers from extremely sensitive skin. From a young age, Axxo suffered from skin disorders including atopic dermatitis causing excessive skin irritations followed by constant itching and flaking of skin.

After looking for an organic remedy in the marketplace and failing to find anything which is a 100% organic product, I decided to formulate my own organic conditioner to help maintain a healthy, nourished coat for my best friend.


Hence, The Bully Tribe was born.

At The Bully Tribe, we love sensitive skin. Our products are formulated to truly address the needs of sensitive skin of bully breeds. We believe in full transparency and thoughtful design incorporating 100% organic ingredients to nourish and hydrate our doggo’s skin. All skin types are not the same, and our doggos deserve the same attention and care when it comes to skin.

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